Chevy Camaro Magazine Spread Breakdown

For the magazine spread I have decided to do one for my favorite sports car, the Chevy Camaro.
This is an old Magazine Spread for the Chevy Camaro.



The category of typeface that they use is a serif typeface. You can tell because the Sans typeface has the little flags at the end of each of the letter’s lines. The ones they use clearly don’t have those.

What makes the typefaces contrast is merely the font size and the bold lettering. They use the bold lettering at the top of each paragraph. Then the smaller font is used for the rest of the paragraph.

Depth of Field

The photographer used Depth of Field as to make sure the red Camaro in front was more in focus to the user in the picture. The main focus of the picture is supposed to be the car in front.

Here’s my recreation of the photo using Depth of Field.

Leading Lines

The photographer used leading lines in this picture by lining up the cars in the back to the car in front. The cars in the back are (almost) lined up to the bumpers to the cars in front. This leads the eye from the front to the back as the focus is more on the cars than the guy to the side.

I tried to replicate the picture using the Leading Lines.

Rule of Thirds

The photographer uses the Rule of Thirds in this picture to keep the cars balanced in the picture. Notice how the two cars in the back are placed in the third lines to keep things balanced. The man in the picture also has his share of thirds in the picture.

My recreation of the picture using the rule of thirds.


In conclusion, typography is meant draw in the reader into reading the article. The right typeface can say a lot about what you’re trying to say. The three photography elements are necessary to making a good picture for an ad. Depth of Field is used to draw focus on a certain place in the picture. Leading Lines are meant to draw linear focus from one point in the picture to another. The Rule of Thirds is meant to balance the objects in the picture.

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