Nike Ad Design Breakdown

The focus of this Reverse Engineer project is to analyze the use of contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity and color in advertisements. The advertisement used is from Nike ad campaign “The Ultimate Quick Fix”.

Ad made my Nike.



The contrast is apparent in this one because the shoes are the items that’s being drawn attention to as opposed to the gradient background.


The Repetition is apparent from the repeated use of the Nike logo.


The alignment is apparent from how the text is given a central alignment.


The proximity is apparent from the two different types of text. The text above is bold and draws attention. The text below is small and tells the viewer the smaller details.


The color mainly comes from the soles of the shoes. Drawing to the taste of someone’s sense of fashion and curiosity. The background is a gradient white and grey.

The design overall is a very good one. There’s good contrast, alignment, repetition, proximity and color.

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